The Nintendo DSi XL and 3DS

You know how when kids are babies  you usually can give them a pacifier to suck on when they become restless? But what do you pacify them with when they become 6 years old and up? I’ve discovered my answer. The Nintendo DSi XL. This has got to be one of my most valuable investments in “kids toys”. My son has gone from the game boy up to this new model over the past few years. By me having to do personal shopping alot, he sometimes has to come in tow with me to the stores. I lie to you not, I put him in a chair in a store with this gadget and he’s quiet the whole time. The system takes pictures and saves them to a SD card, it plays music and has internet access all in addition to actually playing video games on a wide 5 inch screen.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out and purchase a new system full price everytime they come out, I would be broke if I did that. But what I always do is take advantage of the trade in program  from the game chain store “Game Stop”. My son originally had the smaller version DSi and we upgraded to the DSi XL when it came out in April. A brand new DSi XL will cost you $190 but since I was trading in his old system towards it, I only had to pay about $75 for a brand new DSi XL system. (You must bargain shop with everything, not just clothing).

 Well as I just stated I just got this new system in April and I’m reading the new “Gameinformer” magazine and there is gonna be a newer version coming out by March 2011. It’s called the Nintendo 3DS. This will be a 3D gaming system. Everything seems to be going 3D nowadays. The 3D TV’s are already on shelves. But I personally am not one for sitting around with those weird glasses on all day. The 3DS doesn’t require the glasses and that immediately peaked my interest.

The 3DS will have a large screen  but instead of two cameras it will have three. I guess the most exciting thing about it for me is that it will be able to show movies too. Well parents I know that some of you may not agree with such an expensive piece of equipment for a child, but this is just “my” personal opinion and review and I believe that it is an investment well spent!!!

(above) The Nintendo DSi XL $189  Available at most major electronic stores, comes in midnight blue, burgundy and bronze

(below) The Nintendo 3DS   Available in March 2011

Here’s a promo video: