Introducing Kid Chef “Darian Davis”

I’m sitting here watching last Friday’s Wendy Williams show on my DVR and I am absolutely smitten with this kid chef. His name is Darian Davis of Dallas, TX and he’s only 12-years old. He is the son of plus-size model, Lisa Scott. Darian’s passion for cooking started as a dare from his mom. Out of his mom’s frustration with getting his four year old brother to eat fruits and vegetables, his mom challenged him to create a meal that his brother would eat that included fruits and or vegetables.  That’s where all the magic happened. He creates healthy meals, that are all kid friendly, and tests them out on his four-year old brother.  His meals are prepared on either a George Foreman grill or quesadilla maker so no oven is needed. He also has a recipe book coming out soon. Darian’s future plans are to go to culinary school, to play basketball and to be an entertainment lawyer. I wish him all the best and will be keeping an eye out for his future projects!

Here’s the clip of him on The Wendy Williams Show:

There is nothing better than a homemade meal. I tasted my baby brother Dash’s baby food and it tasted better than pudding. So, I came up with baby banana pudding made with banana baby food (trust me its  great) and arrow root animal cookies. I use arrow root animal cookies because of no presevatives or food coloring, and are absolutely delicious. You will need 10 large jars of banana baby food and 1 box of arrow root animal cookies, this can be found in the baby aisle of any grocery store. Add approximately 3 large sliced bananas and start layering that baby!

Here’s Darian’s website info:

Contact Darian Scott Davis
c/o Lisa Scott
Telephone: 917.407.4437
Alternate Contact – Barrett Scott
Telephone: 917.723.3706