My Review of the “Body Magic” and Why I Feel Women Should Wear Their “Foundations”:


I’m gonna get really personal on this post for a moment, so you’ve been forewarned, lol. As a 5’9 height 258lb plus-size woman,  I’m not proportioned like the “average” models you see in a magazine. But as I’ve mentioned before, I can give a “straight” size woman a run for her money any day. I’m a true southern-country girl. I cook full course meals on the regular for my family, yes, I can throw down in the kitchen, so therefore I DON”T push away from the table like I should. Many would consider that unhealthy and I KNOW that I should work out more, but I do “healthy” soul food cooking. My point is I know that when I wear my clothes I have to go the extra  mile and also wear the “proper foundation” underneath. Many women argue this topic and say “I ain’t wearing no girdle”. I hear it all the time. They say, “I don’t care, it’s my fat, take it or leave it”, yet these are the same women who leave the house with the “Santa Claus Belly Jingle” and think it’s cute. Even some straight-size ladies have “muffin tops” but figure since they’re a single digit number that they don’t need the extra “support”.  How many fashion shows have I attended where the plus-size, and some straight-size models, walked down the runway and I was disgraced. I take alot of pics at these shows but yet I can’t post most of them because of  the “lack of foundations on the runway”. I know I’m stepping on alot of toes with this topic but dammit it’s my blog and I feel so strongly about this subject. You talk about you want respect and want to be treated fairly by “society” but you’re setting yourself up for ridicule by not caring how you’re perceived in the public eye when you step out your door.

That’s why today I wanna talk about “my” experience with the Ardyss “Body Magic” product. I hosted a “foundation” course back in April with Jeannene Biggins of The Voluptuous Woman Company ( The Voluptuous Woman Company’s motto is “Size is Just a Number…Not a Limitation.™” . The company serves as a positive voice for the plus-size woman and offers informative, spiritual and empowering events such as networking receptions, conferences and other special events specifically designed to encourage plus-size women to live life to the fullest. I was able to personally try this product and see the “instant” results. I have always worn foundations under my clothing and the Miraclesuit from Macy’s was my favorite until I tried the Body Magic. There are many different styles to this product but I like the one with the mid-thigh leg called “The Body Reshaper”.  It smoothed my tummy out and gave me that extra little “push” in the buttocks area that I needed. I already have ample breast but the Body Magic pushed them up even more and gave me “great” back support while doing so. Also there are nutrients that you can take in addition to the garment, but I don’t. There are garments now to even help “men” with their extra belly buldge.

Once again I state that this is just “my” experience with the product and everyone has their own opinion. I love being a curvy woman and I know that we all have body issues to work on and yes we should eat healthy too.  I’m  not trying to be “skinny” when I walk out the house, I just want to look good in my clothes and represent ALL of us plus-size ladies with class and elegance and show the world that, “Yes, I’m what’s considered plus-size but dammit I can wear fashionable attire (and look good in it)  just like anyone else”!

Ok, just to prove my point even more I’m really gonna put myself out there and share with you my “personal” pics of me testing this product out:

Finished Result:

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