The NaKIMuli Resort Collection

Earlier this year I found out about the designer NaKIMuli through another blogsite I was on. I immediately fell head over heels for her designs. It was like nothing I had seen before. Her collection was part afrocentric and futuristic put together. I did a previous blog on the dress that I purchased, (, and boy was it a head turner. Now designer, Tennille McMillan, has added a Resort Collection to the line. One thing I like about NaKIMuli is that it comes in both straight and plus-sizes.  She has a new online store and here are a few of the pieces from the Resort Collection:

Image 3

Brooklyn Kitten Dress   $70   Sizes XS-3X

Image 5

True Essence Mini   $90   Sizes XS-3X

Image 4

Cut It Out Lover Dress    $100   Sizes XS-3X

(Below) The Shanae Collection

Image 1

Solid Color True Essence Dress   $90.00   Sizes XS-3X

Image 1

Closed Wing Cardigan   $70.00   Sizes S/M-Plus

Here is video from the set of the photoshoot: