Fashion & Organization Tips That Every Fashionista Should Know:

I just received a package in the mail and in it was a pair of hosiery and it made me think of an old trick to keeping hosiery from ripping and getting runs so quickly. Have you ever heard of putting them in the freezer before you wear them? Yep, that’s the trick. My grandmother taught me that one I believe. I’ve already shared most of these tips with my students when I instructed The Plus Academy VIRGINIA class but I decided I should share with my followers  a few of these tips too. Some of you may know them already but hey, it’s never to late to learn….

Seperate your jewelry such as rings, earrings and bracelets (real or costume) in ziploc bags (I learned this from Patti LaBelle)

Hang necklaces on your wall or a cute little stand to keep them from tangling (this can be a great decoration accent too)

Store shoes in clear shoe boxes to protect them from dust and yet still have visibility to them

Hang purses on an over-the-door rack or on wall as a decoration ( I also store some of my purses in unused suitcases for storage too)

Use a 6-drawer tote to seperate your jewelry (once you put them in the ziploc bags)

Invest in wooden hangers to protect the shoulders of your better quality clothing

To save closet space and organize clothes, use the “Magic Hangers” which can hold up to 5 items per hanger



Organize belts with a belt rack

When traveling seperate clothing & items such as lingerie, socks, t-shirts, makeup & hair products with larger ziploc bags



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I wrote an article on some of these tips for Skorch magazine too. Here’s the clip:

Most of the items listed in this post can be purchased at The Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target & Bed, Bath and Beyond