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OOTD: Week #5- Fashion Friday in the Just My Size Chain-Trim Printed Tunic

For this installment of the Just My Size Fashion Fridays look, I’m showcasing how to take a boardroom look to an evening style with the 3/4 Sleeve Chain-Trim Printed Women’s Tunic in Black/White (Style #25354, $24.99,… Continue reading

Organization Tip: “Flocked Hangers”

I haven’t talked organization in a while but I’ve just gotta share my new found closet must have….velvet flocked hangers. Now I thought wooden hangers were a closet must have until I discovered… Continue reading

Organizational Tips: “The Storage Closet”

Early last year I had a fashion wake-up call when a designer asked to come do a closet feature at my home. I had to decline because surprisingly my room wasn’t in order.… Continue reading

“How To Transition Your Maxi Dresses From the Summer to the Fall Season”

  Today I want to share with you all some style tips that I have been thinking about all week. As I was scouring through my maxi dresses earlier in the week I… Continue reading

FFFWeek™ Traveling Tips and Check-Off List:

Last year my blogger buddy, Marie Denee, and myself shared some very useful summer travel tips. So with FFFWeek™ and many other summer vacations coming up I thought I’d repost these tips again. I… Continue reading

“The Bella Styles Casting Call & Modeling Tips”

I’ve been debating whether or not to do this post for a few weeks now but I feel that maybe it may help a few inspiring models along the way. When I held… Continue reading

“The Back to MAC Program”

Ok so I know many of my makeup junkies already know this but for those who don’t I must share. MAC makeup has a program called “Back to MAC” where after you have… Continue reading

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!?!?!

Remember when you were young and your parents used to tuck you into bed at night and they would say that famous bedtime quote? “Nighty, nite and don’t let the bedbugs bite”. Well… Continue reading

Fashion & Organization Tips That Every Fashionista Should Know:

I just received a package in the mail and in it was a pair of hosiery and it made me think of an old trick to keeping hosiery from ripping and getting runs so… Continue reading

Traveling Tips and Check-Off List:

I know alot of you all will be traveling this summer so I compiled a check-off cheat sheet to go by. My main tip is to start packing at least 3 weeks in… Continue reading