Organizational Tips: “The Storage Closet”


Early last year I had a fashion wake-up call when a designer asked to come do a closet feature at my home. I had to decline because surprisingly my room wasn’t in order. I realized that I had become sort of a fashion hoarder. Now just to clarify, I am a very neat and tidy person, that’s just the Virgo way, but being a blogger I was consistently shopping and bringing home more and more items and running out of closet space. Now by no means am I complaining about the freebies or styling perks, but until I move into a mansion, I know that I just need a little more closet space in my bedroom. That’s why I’m glad to have discovered a fashionistas best friend. If your budget doesn’t allow for a makeover from California Closets, then I would suggest this 60″ Storage Closet from Kmart, $39.99. This has become my new best friend. I ordered one last summer when Kmart had them on sale for only $24.99 and I got another one just last week during their sale again. Obviously others have found that these storage closets are useful too because they are hard to locate in the stores and I was so glad when they finally became available online recently. 

I have my two side-by-side and each storage closet has about 40 articles of clothing in it. Now you do the math, I wear plus-size clothing and most of my dresses are long so the point is, this organizer can withstand a lot of weight. It even has shoe pockets on the side, but I don’t use mine though. My clothing is out of view and I find that this storage unit even saves me floor space. This closet is a great way to not only save money from building a new closet, but it keeps clothing dust free and organized by season, color and style. (But that’s another organizational tip that I will share another time).