“The Bella Styles Casting Call & Modeling Tips”

I’ve been debating whether or not to do this post for a few weeks now but I feel that maybe it may help a few inspiring models along the way. When I held my model call a few weeks ago I had a panel of professionals to assist me with it and a few things were brought to my attention afterwards. Now mind you, my judges have done numerous shows so they have experience and know exactly what to look for and the proper protocol. So with that said, let me share with future models the do’s and don’ts of attending a casting/model call:


1) WEAR HIGH HEELS- That’s the whole point of modeling is to showcase whether or not you can perform in a heel. I wouldn’t suggest stilettos but something that you’re comfortable in with at least 3 inches in height. Now is not the time to show up in your Uggs. Even if you are wearing flats, change them BEFORE you enter the casting venue!


2) HAVE YOUR HAIR PULLED BACK OR OFF OF YOUR FACE- Model scouts want to see your face. If you’re hiding behind long bangs or have blue, green or orange hair that’s an instant turn-off.  A ponytail, wrap or shortcut is the way to go.


3) NO TAMMY FAYE BAKER MAKEUP- I myself love a smoky eye and shiny lips but I know that on a model call it’s best to go as natural as possible. If you have acne, blemishes or any skin discolorations, wear light foundation but not to the point of your natural beauty still doesn’t show.


4) BRING YOUR PORTFOLIO- Even if you don’t have any professional picks, bring a snapshot of yourself. There may not be a photographer at the casting so how will the judges remember who you are?


5) BE ON TIME- If the casting starts at 5pm, be there by 4:45pm. It’s nothing worse than strolling in late. That doesn’t look professional and scouts see that as something that you may do on a paid gig. Not cool.


6) WEAR PROPER UNDERGARMENTS- If you’re a curvy lady, make sure that you have on the proper bra to support your breast and if you know that you have the “muffin top syndrome” please wear a spanx, body magic or whatever to control your tummy area. Please for petes sake don’t wear a “baby tee” on top of all that. You’re guaranteed to get a giant X on your application.


7) GROOMING- Now this is common sense but not everyone adheres to it. Fellas, please be clean shaven and dapper. Ladies, make sure the hair under your arms, face, legs and brows is waxed or whatever. Afterall you are trying to be feminine and lady like.


8 ) FOLLOW THE DRESS CODE- If the model call states that you’re to wear all black don’t show up with a white tee on. Ladies, a nice figure flattering dress would do great for you to accent your shape.


9) DO YOUR HOMEWORK- Research the company that you’re auditioning for. Nothing shows the panel that you’re interested or serious about being a part of their show more than you already knowing who they are, how long they’ve been around and a little bit about who you’re speaking with. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


10) EXUDE CONFIDENCE- No matter how nervous you may be, show confidence in everything that you do. When you approach the panel give direct eye contact, smile and most of all be polite. One of the models I chose for my show whooed me just from her mannerism. That speaks volumes as to how professional you would be with a client on a shoot or etc.


Next, once you get booked for a show you will need what is called a “model bag”. I personally use a medium-sized rolling suitcase as mine. You will continually add to this case over your career but here are a few basic items that must be in this bag:


1) BUSINESS CARDS- You will meet a lot of models, photographers, designers and other industry people while doing shows. What better way for them to remember you than is with a business card. Companies such as Vista prints offer free deals and great options on cards all the time. You can add you own photo to the card or use one of their designs. Just make sure that you have the pertinent info on your business card. (Name, number, email, website, etc.)


2) SHOES, SHOES & MORE SHOES- I myself am a shoe-fanatic, which you may can tell that already from some of my pics, lol. But when you do shows, you should have a selection of shoes available in all colors. If you are fitted before the show then you already will  know what colors you will need but if not, always have a black shoe, maybe a nude pair and a bootie, weather permitting. A few great places to build your shoe collection is from Barefeet Shoes, Rainbow and even Payless. No need to spend a fortune for show shoes when you’re only on the runway for a few seconds.


3) RESPECT THE CLOTHES- When modeling you are only borrowing these designers’ clothing. So respect them. Wear invisible deodorant, a hair bonnet and unscented lotion. Remember, most of the time these clothes have to be re-sold.


4) BIRTHDAY SUIT- Often when modeling plans change as well as wardrobe. You may have been fitted for one thing and end up wearing something else. So if you have on a one piece body briefer then are changing into a strapless dress, you’re gonna have to come out of that body briefer. So I suggest that if you are not prepared for everyone backstage to see your “goodies”, then wear a thong and maybe a nude bra under your body briefer.


More tips are here on my website: www.bellastyles.net/modeling__fashion_tips