Organization Tip: “Flocked Hangers”

Kids Flocked Hangers

I haven’t talked organization in a while but I’ve just gotta share my new found closet must have….velvet flocked hangers. Now I thought wooden hangers were a closet must have until I discovered these babies. On my first organization post a few years back, I had a couple of different hanger suggestions. But the more I watch one of my newest favorite shows, “Million Dollar Shoppers”, I pay close attention to the closets of the clients and boutiques that are featured on the show. All of them mostly use these flocked hangers and the personal shoppers present the clothing to the clients on flocked hangers also.

So I tried them for myself recently and they are a closet God send. Clothing, both kids and adults, doesn’t slip and slide off of the hanger and there’s even a ridge in both sides of the hangers for clothing straps to fit securely in. I thought that I found a deal the other week at Big Lots where I got 20 for only $7.50. But this week at Wal-Mart they have an in-store special where you can get 30 for only $9.99. They come in various colors too so if you have your closet color-coordinated like I do that’s a treat. Your clothes are an investment and so should be your hangers!


wire hangers

Closet pic via Million Dollar Shoppers