OOTD: “Beth Ditto Black Ruched Jersey Maxi Dress”

I wore this dress in the olive green color a few weeks ago and today I wore my black one to the JMS Fashion Show in New York City. This is an overall cute dress but I think I purchased mine a little too big. My Body Magic was really sucking me in causing my dress to be a bit too loose. But I got alot of compliments and it looked great with my accessories. The material is a bit thin but for this time of year just throw on a blazer like I did and it’s still a wearable dress. Check it out:

FOREWARNING: Excuse the boobs, I mean bra showing in this next pic, lol. I told yall my dress was too big but I wanted to show a close-up of the jewelry, so don’t crack on me, lol

Dress: Beth Ditto for Evans   Price: £39.50   http://www.evans.co.uk

Shoes: Dollhouse   $30   Rainbow

Blazer: Mica for Simply Be  $100 http://www.simplybe.com

Earrings: Ashley Stewart A-Lux   $14.50

Ring & Bracelet: Earrings Plaza  $3 each  (NYC)


black ruched jersey maxi dress