“The Just My Size Style Symposium in New York City”, October 18-20, 2010

I had the honor of attending the first ever “Just My Size Style Symposium” in New York City this week on behalf of Skorch Magazine. I know that you all are already familiar with the JMS (Just My Size) brand which is famous for its underwear. JMS clothing and intimates is sold in Wal-Marts and nothing in the entire line is over $20. Well JMS invited 12 bloggers from all across the nation and as far as Brazil to come and enjoy a few days of panel discussions, style sessions and a preview of the new collection with a fashion show. I had a chance to meet all the top head designers from the brand and we all gave them honest insight and ideas from a bloggers point of view.

Bloggers and editors in attendance for this groundbreaking event include:

I’d like to first thank Sara and Terri from Two B Public Relations, LLC for the wonderful accommodations for the entire trip. Can I just say that I was treated like a queen. Everything was paid for on my behalf from the flight, 5-star hotel, meals, transportation in the city and a stipend. On top of all that we got goodie bags filled with gift cards, treats and outfits provided by the brand. I couldn’t ask for more. I am officially spoiled as a blogger now. (Sidenote: I haven’t flown in over 15 years and I really thank JMS for helping me to face my fears by giving me this luxury flight. I am an official jet-setter now, lol).

I arrived Monday at the hotel, which was conveniently located on Park Avenue, so you know it was swanky, to be welcomed to the penthouse to check in. There I met with Sara and signed in to a few days of absolute bliss. The bloggers that had already arrived were Glen of “Full Figure Plus”, Marie Denee of  “The Curvy Fashionista” and Beth of “Plus Size Mommy”. It was so good to see my blogger buddies again.

Once I settled into my room it was time for all of us to go to dinner. Can I just say that my room was complete elegance with down pillows, mini-bar and a whirlpool too. The front desk was so polite with the personal touches of trail mix and bottled water. For dinner the first night we ate at the Mexican restaurant “Dos Caminos”. Can I just say we were in for a treat with the best guacamole I’ve ever tasted and  the biggest piece of chocolate cake I think I’ve ever seen. At dinner we met all the top heads of the company and got to mingle and network.

After dinner we had free time but I decided to go back to the room and get ready for the next day which was the big symposium.


So Tuesday was the actual symposium and we were in the meeting from 10am until 4pm. But it went by so quick. We had  round table discussions of what we would like to see plus-size women in, what styles do we like and if you follow me on Twitter and the Skorch Magazine Facebook page, I was updating the statuses with live feedback from you all. Believe me, we appreciated all who responded with insight. We talked first hand with JMS designers and marketing officials Janet Freedman, Regina Martin, Bonnie and Meg. You could really see that they were interested in what we had to say. Even media coach, Harriet Cole, attended and gave us some insight on the business. (http://www.harriettecole.com/). JMS even did a contest where one lucky fan would win a trip to NYC to attend the symposium with us and that lucky fan was Alesha Walker of Delaware:

Alesha & Harriet Cole

Lunch was provided to us of grilled salmon and grilled chicken, fruit and delicious pastries.

After the symposium I got a chance to do a video interview which will be featured on the JMS website soon. I answered questions on what are my pet peeves with plus-size women, what do I think of the fashion for plus-size women these days and many more similar questions on the topic.

After that I got to go back to the JMS penthouse and do a bit of shoppping from their new collection. I was able to choose two outfits of my choice as a free gift. I decided on denim jeggings, bootcut jeans, a leopard top and two very stylish long-length sweaters. (I actually wore one of the outfits back on the plane today and it was very comfy).

Next was dinner at “Redeye Restaurant”. We had a reserved section upstairs of the restaurant complete with our own wait staff and everything. I dined on shrimp and salad as appetizers and had baked chicken as my main entree. After a long day at the symposium, everyone pretty much let their hair down and we mingled and got to know one another on a more personal note.

After dinner I wanted to finally see a little bit of the city since I had been so busy with the meetings since my arrival. So a few of us bloggers headed to Times Square to do a little shopping and sight-seeing.

Today was the big fashion show at the JMS offices on Madison Avenue. Everyone was in attendance from all of us panel of bloggers to the buyers and heads from Wal-Mart. Top plus-size models Mia Amber, Veronica and Tricia Campbell took to the stage to present to us the new collection.

The fashions:

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself these past few days and the fashions were amazing. Just My Size has definitely gotten trendier and more stylish with this new Spring line. I can’t wait until it hits shelves. I had sucha a joyous time and I sure hope they invite me again!!!

Video from the show:


For more info on JMS, please visit their website: