OOTD: “Manaya as Lady Ness”

As many have probably already noticed but I keep my team very close. I tend to work with the same people on most of the projects that I do. (I’ve learned the hard way. But in this business, or in everyday life, keep your “inner” circle small). One of my team members is my make-up artist and model Manaya. So when I asked her to do my make-up for the model call all she asked of me was a small favor, to style her for the event. So of course that wasn’t a problem at all. I told her to come on over and help herself to the “Bella Fierce Closet”. I actually had forgotten that I purchased a sequins skirt last summer with her in mind for a photoshoot. So it all worked out when I saw that she had arrived with the perfect shoes to match the outfit.

As a personal shopper I’m a bargain hunter. I found this cute little sequin mini-skirt in DEB some months ago and it was on the clearance rack for only “$3” so you know I had to grab it. (Shopping advice: Whenever you find items this reasonable, grab them and figure out later when or how you’re gonna wear it). I knew I could style it for something. When I saw that Manaya had black & white pumps I thought of a “gangsta girlie” Elliot Ness/Al Capone idea. I then remembered a studded vest that I had purchased from Faith 21 a while back. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Faith 21 just yet as their clothes don’t seem to fit me the way I’d prefer. But this vest was one of the cutest items from the Faith 21 collection at that time so I figured I’d get it for a shoot. It all worked out. Once I added the bold diamond-like jewelry that Ashley Stewart had just sent me to preview, the outfit became an instant hit. The shirt that Manaya is wearing is also Ashley Stewart and I purchased it because it came with a brooch and reminded me of the CoCo Chanel look. (I removed the brooch today though). So overall I was very pleased with the ensemble outcome. Just like the movie we’ll have to call her lady “Lady Ness or Manaya Capone” since she was “Untouchable” in this outfit!  (P.S. I thought the outfit was so befitting to Manaya’s style that I gifted it to her at the end of the day….but I kept the jewels though, I’m a sucker for Ashley Stewart jewelry, lol)

Manaya’s outfit:

Blouse: Ashley Stewart $35   www.ashleystewart.com

Vest: Faith 21 $30

Skirt: DEB Regular $25, On Clearance $3

Jewelry: Ashley Stewart A-Lux  $18-$22  www.ashleystewart.com/catalog/63O/all_ALuxJewelry

Shoes, Tights & Belt: Manaya’s Own




Photography by Kermit Gresham of Beau Monde Fashion Group