The Blog & Pics from “The Ashley’s In Love, Fashion Showcase” at Ashley Stewart

Whooh, ok now that I’ve finally had a moment to calm down from my excitement, I’m gonna share with you the pics from last night’s fashion show. Firstly, I must thank the company of Ashley Stewart for granting me such a huge honor as to ask me to put on such a grand event. I’m at such a loss for words for the great turnout and constant assistance that they gave to me throughout the planning stages. From the corporate office to the store staff, everyone was so attentive to my needs. I had 12 of the most wonderful models I can think of. Everyone vibed so well together and after being involved in many shows, I know first hand how important that is. My photographers for the night, Kermit Gresham and George Butler, really outdid themselves with the coverage of this event. All decorations were done by myself, Manaya & Balloons and Things Company. Ashley Stewart provided me with DJ Marc J. and boy did he get the house rocking. Our commentator for the night was Earl Fleming, who’s stage name is “Christmas Snow”, and he made the show flow smoothly with his introduction of all the models on the runway and by keeping the crowd amped. A special shout-out to Lauren from the corporate office of Ashley Stewart for flying in from New Jersey just for this event to be our videographer. You did great Lauren.

Anyway, I presented on the models some of the newest items from the Pre-Spring 2011 collection that’s in stores now. I literally was at Ashley Stewart everyday for the past two weeks grabbing all new shipments off of the floor for my models. (Sometimes they couldn’t even get it out the box and I was on it, lol). In total I put together 35 outfits for the models. (I will only share a few of the pics here and the rest you can find on my facebook page). I personally have always loved Ashley Stewart’s clothing because of the style and fashion forwardness of it and that’s what I wanted my models to represent. Everything I chose I would actually wear myself. So in a sense, I was living vicariously thru the models last night, lol.  I mixed in popular trends like stripes and the nautical look, lingerie for Valentine’s Day to looks for the 9 to 5 business woman. As I always say, I love color and curvy women shouldn’t hide behind black or be afraid to go against the curve. Check out the looks for yourself:

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