Skorch Magazine’s December 2011 Celeb Spotlight: “VH1’s Tionna Smalls and Her New Book, “Men Love Abuse”

In last month’s Skorch Magazine I did a photoshoot with VH1’s “What Chilli Wants” star, Tionna Smalls. So for the December issue of Skorch I have my actual interview with Tionna and part two of our photoshoot. Tionna served as TLC singer Chilli’s relationship expert on the show and is now releasing her second relationship book entitled, “Men Love Abuse”. In last month’s Skorch issue I featured Tionna in all Ashley Stewart clothing to show her more urban glamour side. This month I’m styling her in Holiday 2011 looks from Lane Bryant. I’m so happy to announce that Tionna also chose one of my looks for the “Men Love Abuse” book cover.

I got a chance to do a Q & A with Tionna and that interview is below:


Now, for the bookcover styling, I wanted to have Tionna in a more sophisticated look. I called upon my friends at Lane Bryant and told them who I was styling and what for and within hours, they had me in store pulling looks for the shoot. I had seen this velvet blazer and gold lame skirt in store early October and really thought it looked great together. But you can still be sexy while dressing classy and that’s why for Tionna I had her wear this lace bustier along with the blazer and skirt. Turns out, this is the look she chose for her upcoming bookcover. She even said herself that it was good to step out of her usual element. She proclaims that she would normally have never chosen this outfit for herself but liked the finalized look.

Black Ruffled velvet blazer  $79.95  Sizes 14-28
Gold lamé A-line skirt  $64.95   Sizes 14-20
Lace bustier top   $56.95   Sizes 14-28
Necklace and Bracelet from
Shoes and Earrings: Tionna’s Own


What was your inspiration for writing your new book, “Men Love

I wrote “Men Love Abuse” based on my experience with men and being around men. I realized that men didn’t act nice to women who were nice to them. I realized then that men loved abuse and needed to be called out on that very fact.

What important message would you like for your women readers to take away from this new book?
I want them to be strong and realize that they can’t be too nice to a man if they plan on keeping that man. I want them to know that their happiness is the most important thing in the world.

Do you plan on doing a nationwide book tour or motivational seminars to inspire women on the topic of relationships?
Yes I have some great plans to do that. I also want to teach women that love for self is the most important and greatest love of all.

In addition to your wonderful career as an author, I also hear of another passion of yours, fashion. As a Richmond, VA girl I’m so excited to learn that you’re opening a new plus-size boutique here called, “Majesty’s Closet”. How did this venture come about and what made you decide on the boutique name?
I dressed my behind off on the second season of “What Chilli Wants.” Fans from all over used to ask me where did I shop and I realized that there wasn’t one specific spot. I shopped all over. So I said you know what, its time for a place where a thick girl can shop for all kind of items and be fabulous while doing so. I told my sister about the idea and she loved it and we decided to be business partners. Majesty is my niece’s name (my business partner’s daughter) and it also means “queen”. I remember seeing Queen Size on the tights we bought back in the day. So Queen meant plus and it all just added up. Majesty’s Closet is all about the thicker girl being fabulous and dressing better than her size 4 friends.

What type of clothing and designers do you plan to carry in Majesty’s Closet?
We plan to sell everything fabulous from dresses, leggings, hot sweaters, and even larger sized shoes. We will sell any designer who has the hot ‘ish whether they are known or unknown. Its just all about the plus size girl being majestic.

What is your personal fashion style?
I’m just a fab girl. I love vintage stuff like half hats and hair pieces. I love cute bags and accessories but most of all I just love looking extra! I change my style up all of the time because I love a variety of things.

If plus-size ladies would like to model for your boutique or better yet shop there, when is the launch date and contact info?
If you are a plus size model who would like to model for Majesty’s Closet, you can email my partner who is our fashion director at We plan on launching the site in January and our showroom will be opened in February/March. We can’t wait. We will definitely change the face of “plus size.”
You can learn more about Majesty’s Closet at and follow us at

(Tionna and Bella having a little “twin” fun on the set):

Ponte knit colorblock dress   Now $69.99   (Tionna in ‘Deep Purple’, Bella in ‘Fanfare’)  
Sizes 14/16-26/28
Tionna’s Necklace by
Tionna’s Shoes: Her Own
Bella’s Shoes: Jessica Simpson “Vadio” in Blue Violet  $98
Bella’s Hat is from Dots


Photoshoot Info:

Celebrity: Tionna Smalls (
Fashion Stylist: Bella Styles (
Photographer: Kermit Gresham of Beau Monde Fashion Group (
Make-Up Artist: Charlene Easter of Epiphany Beauty (
Hairstylist: Tahnesha Ervin (