B.B. Homemaker Recipe: “Lady Marmalade BBQ Chicken”

It’s been so long since I posted one of my recipes on here but while streaming down my facebook timeline last weekend I came across an advertisement from Patti LaBelle’s page about free shipping on her BBQ sauces. So that temped me to give it a try. Yes, Ms. Patti has her own collection of 14 BBQ and Marinade sauces named after one of her biggest songs, “Lady Marmalade”.  Unbeknownst to many but in addition to fashion I also love cooking and cleaning. I believe that fashion, food and entertainment all go hand in hand.  I used to love watching Patti Labelle’s TV show where she not only showed us fashion and style but tasty looking  food choices as well. She inspired me so much. (People always say that my Mom reminds them of Patti LaBelle). Ironically the meal that I’m cooking today is part of my Mom’s birthday dinner so me using the Patti sauce was a no-brainer.

I had been looking for Ms. Patti’s sauces in several stores here in Richmond but had no luck. I must admit, it never dawned on me to check her website. But now I have no excuse. I did BBQ chicken and although I bought two different flavors  from her line, I used the Sweet BBQ Sauce today. Since I have been cooking all weekend anyway and have other items already prepared, I only did a few pieces of this BBQ chicken. Therefore I only used one bottle of the Patti LaBelle sauce. It comes in a 20-oz jar so that was plenty for this serving. So let me share with you all my recipe process:

– First I pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees

– -Next, this is very important, YOU MUST thoroughly wash the chicken first, remove all your hand jewelry & use latex/vinyl gloves when cooking. (Even if it is just for you & your family, cleanliness is key. I believe I learned that from Patti’s show)

– After washing the chicken, I add it to a foil pan then season it (Use your own preference of seasonings)

– I would normally add syrup to make the chicken sweeter and the sauce stick but I wanted all of the flavor of the Patti sauce today for this review

– I poured the entire bottle of Lady Marmalade Sweet BBQ over the entire pan of chicken then turned the chicken over and over to saturate it in the sauce

-Now you’re all ready to place food in oven, just cover with aluminum foil and place on a cookie sheet in center of oven

-Cook for 2.5hrs and Voila!!!

The end result was finger licking good too. I was waiting by the stove like a kid that likes to lick the batter from a cake pan. In just the first 30-minutes of cooking it, the house was filled with a sweet BBQ aroma. I will definitely be purchasing more of these sauces for my holiday cooking 🙂 

Purchase at: www.pattilabelle.com, $3.99 each, 20-oz Jar