Celeb Spotlight of the Day: “Comedian/Actress Luenell”

Earlier tonight I had the great pleasure of interviewing comedian/actress, Luenell. You have seen her alongside Katt Williams in “American Hustle” and right now she is in the #1 and #2 movies in America this week, “Hotel Transylvania” and “Taken 2”. I have watched Luenell over the past couple of years and decided to reach out to her after seeing her on a recent  episode of “The Wendy Williams Show”.  She politely agreed to an interview so please checkout her bio and the Q & A below:

Luenell is becoming increasingly popular from her appearances in television, film and music videos.  Best known for her controversial role as the “hooker with the heart of gold” in the blockbuster comedy of 2006 “Borat” – Luenell is recognized by both mainstream AND urban sectors of the population. Her two-year tour and DVD appearances in “Katt Williams American Hustle” have created an almost cult-like following.

She hasn’t been short on television appearances either with episodes of “The Middle” and “Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”
Luenell is living her dream.  With such an intriguing past, one would wonder how can she be so funny, but it’s just that…life.  Her reputation as a comic superstar continues to flourish, “…comedy demolition machine” (EURweb report) “a sidesplitting high wired act without a net…” (Scoop LA), “…comedy to die for.” (Metro LA)  “…one of the top 25 funniest people in LA (Los Angeles Magazine) and the accolades continue to roll.

     What was your inspiration for becoming a comedian and was the process difficult to get you to the achievement level that you are at now?

Well I never wanted to be a comedian; I started out in choir and then went on to musical theater. The comedian thing turned out as a fluke from a roommate of mine.

      You have been successful at comedy and acting, which do you prefer best?

It’s hard to say because I like the freedom of doing stand-up comedy and I don’t have to memorize any lines that somebody else wrote for me. But the treatments that you get in a movie/television show you just don’t get in stand-up comedy so that’s why I’m blessed that I can do both.

     You have been in roles in movies, plays and TV shows from “The Tracy Morgan Show”, “Boondocks”, “The Wiz” to the current film “Hotel Transylvania”, which role has been your favorite thus far?

I have so many different experiences with so many different films but I have to say that right now the role that I had in “That’s My Boy” with Adam Sandler as a stripper is probably my favorite. Just the part of having prosthetic boobs made for me and being trained by an actual stripper was exciting. Also doing “Borat” and getting to travel to Romania was great.

      Is it fun to do the red carpets and press for movie releases?

It gets pretty old quick doing the step and repeats and answering the same questions over and over but it’s what you dream about you know, getting your picture taken and then seeing it the next day on Fashion Police, various magazine and tabloids. I am in no way complaining.

   Who haven’t you worked with yet that you would love to co-star next to?

Eddie Murphy and Roseanne Barr

   Now being that you are already well known in Hollywood, do you still have to audition for your movie roles?

Yes, I auditioned for “That’s My Boy”, “Taken 2”, “Never Die Alone with DMX” and “Californication”.  I didn’t have to audition for “Hotel Transylvania” nor “Think Like a Man” or the sequel to “Think like A Man”.

      I watched your YouTube video where you spoke of the men wanting the perfect woman and it ended up being a man. That was too funny. What is your inspiration for your comic routines?

I always take from real life situations but I also know a  lot of drag queens and I know that they always look perfect.  They always have their nails done, toenails done and makeup to perfection. No real woman is that perfect. A real women is gonna always have some type of flaw I mean no ones that perfect.

      Speaking of the perfect woman, when you perform onstage you wear some really snazzy outfits, how would you describe your personal style?

Well I’ve gone thru a real metamorphis with my style. Some of my things were real ratchet as I look back in the day. But I’ve come a long ways with the help of designer Angela Dean of Deanzign. She knows what parts of my body to accentuate such as my shoulders. She designs for Jill Scott & Angie Stone among others.I love really flowy, exotic mystical type of outfits and things that don’t have to be ironed. I like clothing that you can just ball up in a suitcase then shake it out and go.

    Have you ever gotten backlash for being plus-size in Hollywood?

No not really, I mean I got worst dressed once in the Enquirer but I was just glad to be in the magazine so it didn’t bother me. I have never heard anything from my agents on “You need to lose weight”.  If anything they’ll comment “Luenell, you’re unique”.  My motto is that “If you have a full-figured body then you have a full-figured heart”.

 What upcoming projects are you working on?

I have a TV series that I’m part of on LOGO TV called, “DTLA” as in Downtown Los Angeles premiering the 24th of this month. It’s has about 6 different storylines and Tiffany “New York” Pollard plays my sister.

Also, next summer be on the lookout for “School Dance” directed by Nick Cannon featuring Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Mike Epps, Amber Rose, RZA, George Lopez and more. The sequel to “Think Like A Man” will be out next summer as well. 

Be sure to checkout Luenell’s website at: heyluenell.com