Enhance Winter Fashion With Your Eyes

Beautiful eye

The winter season is full of specific fashion and style trends, many of which we see demonstrated in catalogues and on television commercials. Whether it’s a certain style of clothing or a makeup application method, there are plenty of fun and unique ways to demonstrate your fashion sensibility in the coming months. The more complicated part is finding ways to compliment traditional styles with your own personal touch.

One nice idea can be to use contact lenses to enhance your appearance and compliment your fashion. While in most cases contacts are used to correct vision problems, such as  astigmatism, nearsightedness, etc., they can also be used for style, and in fact this is increasingly common. From contacts designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes, to coloured contacts, there are plenty of ways in which lenses can be used from a fashion standpoint.

Here are a few specific strategies for blending contacts with winter fashion.


Without getting into too many specifics regarding fashionable materials and styles, dark colour tones are almost always prominent during the winter months. Such colour tones are fairly dominant, and can draw some attention away from your natural features, which is why bold eye colours can compliment them beautiful. Whether you want to enhance your natural colour to make it sharper and more vibrant, or put in bright blue or green lenses, there are various options that can help you to keep your eyes from hiding during the winter.


The smokey eye look is a striking and complex style that immediately makes the eyes the main focus of any appearance. No matter how loud your clothing is, or how intricately your hair is styled, smokey eyes demand attention, and tend to be prominently featured during the colder seasons of the year. With all of that attention directing people’s focus straight to your eyes, it makes perfect sense to go beyond makeup and enhance them with lenses. Try pairing a blue lens with violet, grey or blue makeups, or a deep, rich brown with brown or black eyeshadow and liner. The result will be a stunning compilation.


Red lipstick seems to always be fashionable, regardless of season or situation. However, the deeper, stronger shades tend to show up more prominently during the winter season, and it is important to let your lipstick dominate if you opt for one of these shades. It is still perfectly reasonable to have some fun changing your eye colour, but try to keep things from getting too bold. Instead, choose an eye colour that works naturally with your skin and hair tones, allowing your face to assume a natural appearance and letting the lipstick show itself off.