OOTD: “Stilettos, Lace & Bling for the Holidays”

Seiko Collage

So with the holidays right around the corner it’s time to get some ideas of party outfits and cocktail dresses for us to rock. Today I’m wearing an outfit idea that may be appropriate for either drinks with the girls or a New Year’s Eve get-together. I wouldn’t quite recommend this for an office party though, you may get more than a promotion with this one, lol.  Anyway, it’s the Black Lace Floor Length Batwing Dress ($49) from Chic and Curvy Boutique in California. Chic and Curvy is owned by blogger Melissa McElroy whom I’m featured here on my blog before. I saw the dress last month on her facebook page and immediately hit her up for the deets on it. Once it arrived I said to myself now how can I hook this up in a unique way. I sat here pondering for the last few weeks and then it finally all came together. When I did my Cleopatra post the other day I reminded myself that I had purchased a gold head-chain (from Earrings Plaza,$5) this summer while in NYC. Then I remembered that I had a Gold Seiko Watch ($236.25) to review for the Watchco Company and coincidentally had just ordered this gold & black clutch from Macy’s ($41) last week and from there my outfit was complete.  

Lace Collage

The dress is very form fitting and may run a little small so just go a size up and be sure to wear a one-piece body shaper underneath it. I would also suggest getting help putting this dress on due to the delicate lace and the 3-buttons on the back at the neck. But if you have to get dressed solo, just step into the dress and slide it up on you. (I forgot to get pics of me from the back so below is a model wearing it showing the back details). I put my jewelry on last to be sure that I wouldn’t snag the dress. Luckily the watch snaps on like a bracelet so that was a cool and easy feature to maneuver. 

UPDATE: 12-17-12……I found out the dress is sold out from Chic and Curvy Boutique but is now available at Curvaceous Boutique


Next I must talk about my latest experiment. Now I have been wearing my nails short for years now and I just prefer them that way. No fancy designs, just plain polish (well maybe from time to time I may do assorted colors on my nails) and acrylic over them. However, I have been obsessed with this new Stiletto Nails trend for over a year but was hesitant to try it. That was until yesterday. I figured WTH, it was 12-12-12 and that was the last repeating number date of the century so why not go out on a limb, lol. I had to cut my real nails down and get a new full set of acrylic tips that had to be filed in this stiletto shape. Now mind you, I have been going to the same nail salon for almost 7 years and this was her first time doing this technique. Luckily I had googled pictures and printed them out for her as examples. I also took inspiration from Tiffany of Lace N Leopard‘s new set too.  I think she did a wonderful job. But let’s just see how long I last with long nails:

Stiletto Lace Collage