OOTD: “Girl On Fire at New York Fashion Week”


One of my many outfit selections that I strategically put together for New York Fashion Week was this sexy curve-accenting Igigi by Yuliya Raquel Felina Dress in Crimson, ($160, Sizes 12-32) and a pair of Flame Patterned Pumps by Bordello, ($116, Sizes 6-12). Now who can resist a lady in red? Her presence is automatically gonna take over the room. Although I will admit by the time I attended the second show of the day, my feet were hurting and swollen from all the traveling and walking that I had done.  So YES I attended a show in ballerinas so that I wouldn’t possibly fall over people and embarrass myself trying to climb the stairs, lol. But right after the show was over I threw on my pumps to take pics once again by the Benz’s and other Fashion Week props. As soon as I put on these pumps the cameras were flashing. (Kinda wish I had put on my heels when I met Ms. J. I know he woulda loved them). It’s so flattering to be asked to pose for the different bloggers and media outlets about your fashion sense. Good thing I took pics when I did though because unfortunately I had to cut my weekend fashion week trip short due to the forecasted blizzard headed to the NYC area. Didn’t wanna get snowed in for an unknown amount of days. I had so many other shows to attend and outfits to put together but better safe than sorry. I just arrived back home safe and sound in VA where it’s very dry for the moment. It was fun though NYC even if it was only a 24 hour trip!


Felina Flame Collage

Felina Dress

Felina #2




Clutch from NYC Boutique (2010)

Belt from Simply Fashion

Earrings from It’s Fashion Metro

Hosiery, ‘Barely There’ by Hanes

Ms. J.


Felina Fire Collage


UPDATE: 8/27/13

Kelly Price wore the Felina Dress on the “R & B Divas LA Reunion” show