Hair/Beauty News: “The Syleena Johnson True Diva Hair Collection”



I was watching “R & B Divas” recently and heard singer Syleena Johnson mention her having a new hairline coming out. So of course me being the wiggy that I am I checked into it. Syleena’s hair is usually always pretty fly on the episodes so I said to myself I wouldn’t mind checking out her products. I discovered that she has True Diva Virgin Hair, $89.99 and a U-Part Wig, $179.99 available at After watching her demo video blelow, I now know that I’m gonna have to check this line out for sure!



About U-Part Wigs by Syleena Johnson

  • Use your own hair for the hairline and part! Nothing could be more real.
  • Secured with clips at hairline and around part area.
  • Comes in Lace or Machine!
  • Takes about 1 week for production time (Machine).
  • Takes about 2-3 weeks for production time (Lace).
  • Part it in YOUR favorite place.  You can choose when you order. (Left, Center or Right).
  • No gluing or sewing required!
  • Get a complete look in 5 minutes.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Available in straight, wavy and curly.
  • All colors available, including ombre, highlights, blends and more! It’s your hair…only better.



Why spend days and weeks trying to create your own U-Part wig? Just buy it! The Ultimate active Diva herself can be seen wearing these convenient wonders during season 2 of R&B Divas! Now they’re available for you too! Be sure to measure your head before ordering. These are CUSTOM and NON RETURNABLE.

Be sure to checkout Syleena Johnson tonight on the  season two premiere of L.A. Hair on WeTV