OOTD: “Gone Swimming”

Swim Collage

One thing I can’t lie about and that is my love for going to the pool in the summertime. It is a great relaxation technique and exercise to partake in. So while I was in Baltimore this past weekend for the Fashion Awards MD, I took a dip in my hotel’s pool. My friends laugh at me because they all don’t wanna get their hair wet and instead just sit on the side. I don’t care about that. As I said on my Instagram page, yes black girls do get their hair wet. Well, I should have emphasized ‘some do’. Me being one of them. I’m like a big kid in the pool as you can see in my pics above. I really hadn’t purposely planned on messing up my new hairdo  as I was only just gonna take pics in the water,  but once I jumped in I couldn’t resist taking a dip. But I put this new weave to the test and luckily this Brazilian hair snapped right back. Whoooh, that Amore Rio from the Vivica Fox Hair Collection parent company is a good brand. Anyway, I’m wearing a 2-piece tankini swimsuit from City Chic that I received from them last year. Funny thing is it didn’t fit me right last year but now that I’ve put on a few pounds, it seems to fit, go figure. This particular animal print version was still available when I checked a week or so ago and that’s why I featured it but now it seems to be sold out. But City Chic did have a big sale recently so maybe that’s why its gone off of the website now. Anyway just wanted to put an end to two myths here, one about sista girls getting their hair wet and two, that plus-size ladies can’t wear a 2-piece swimsuit. Just have fun ladies, let your hair down, literally, and enjoy yourselves!