The Curvy Look For Less: Stella McCartney vs. Monif C.

genevievbigWhy is it that every-time designer Monif C. releases a new collection I need an asthma pump? I literally lose my breath from first sight. So as I was just checking my emails, I got an alert of a new line from Monif C. and I instantly spotted this dress that is a curvy fashionistas dream. Monif C. has designed a dress called the GENEVIEVE” POLKA DOT MESH DRESS, $188.00 that looks very similar to the non-plus size Stella McCartney Lucia Dress that retailed at $2,155. (I posted on the dress before here in 2011). Ladies, do you see how we NEED more designers like Monif C. who actually get it and hit it on the head in the fashion game? Why couldn’t Stella McCartney offer this in a larger size? But that’s ok, not only does Monif C. have the on trend polka dot look but it’s much, much less in cost too and I know for a fact that the material is of excellent quality because I’ve never had a complaint with the items that I have worn of hers before. Kudos to you Ms. Monif C. for getting it right once again!

stella polka dot dress x2(Above) The Lucia Dress


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