OOTD: “Turning Over A New Leaf”

AS Leaf Dress Collage


I guess as you get older and you learn to see people and situations in life more clearly, it’s best to turn over a new leaf on life. I have recently discovered that firsthand. But today I’m just going to touch basis on turning a new leaf with a different hairstyle. (Oh, and the fact that this Tropical Leaf Dress by Ashley Stewart was just befitting for the title of this post too).  For the past month I’ve had my hair done in the Brazilian weave style done by the FABULOUS Shakeita of Replica of Im-ij . Well today I went back to Shakeita and we did an ombre-color style using the FR7 Yaki Straight Remi Hair by the Vivica Fox Hair Collection. I used two bags of the 18-inch in the P4/27/30 color. This hair retails for around $112 per bag but as I mentioned with the Brazilian do, the Vivica Fox Hair Company was generous enough to send it to me for review while attending my many summer events. Now I will admit, I got a little nervous when we opened the package because I know that I have a large head and the two packs didn’t look like enough for a full-head weave at first but it all worked out and I even had some left over. The only thing we had to do extra was add in a track from Shaketa’s own stash that had black roots to blend in with mine at the top of my hair at the parted section. It was just the fancy packaging that threw me for a loop at first thinking that two bags wouldn’t be enough. You see Vivica went all out and has the hair delivered in not only pretty tissue paper in each pack, but her name/logo is also sewn into the weft. You Go Girl, classy touch. Shakeita was able to just sew this new hair to my same braids from last month since they were still tight. Plus, she had also just given me a touch-up relaxer on my roots this past Friday so as you can plainly see in my pics above, “My edges are laid to the GAWDS HUNTY!!!


Love my new do 🙂



For services by Replica of Im-ij contact the salon at: 804-615-7668 or send an email.

They also have a full-service group for manicures, makeup, image consulting, etc at: www.imijgroup.com

As a friend recently taught me, ALWAYS do a YouTube review on EVERYTHING before you buy it including hair. Checkout these other helpful video reviews of the FR7 hair that I used today:

Check your local beauty supply store to purchase the hair or visit: www.vivicafoxhair.com