The 2013 Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Roster



So as you’ve probably already noticed, I’ve REALLY been plugging the events of Curves Rock Fashion Weekend taking place July 25-28 in Baltimore, MD. Well I’m pleased to announce that myself along with other power-house plus-size advocates such as Nina Taylor, Shanda Freeman, Tionna Smalls, Jade Greer, Anita Marshall, Liris Crosse, Samantha Lebbie and Nicole Zepeda have all been selected to participate in the panel events during the weekend long festivities. Whoooh, I signed on a couple of months ago and it’s been sooooo hard to keep my lips sealed, lol. I will be partipating in the “Embrace Your Curves” panel discussion that Saturday. I’ve been posting detailed info on the CRFW events on my blog previously, but if you missed it, the recaps are here and here. Tickets to all of the shows and workshops can be purchased HERE. Other exciting functions taking place also on that weekend are below:






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