Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Announces Liris Crosse and Tionna Smalls As Celeb Host

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I shared with you all a few weeks ago that Curves Rock Fashion Weekend is back for its second annual year July 25-28, 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. Well I’ve got even better news today to share, the hosts this year will be none other than B-More native and top plus-size model Liris Crosse and also relationship expert, author and media personality Tionna Smalls. I can personally say that I have worked with BOTH of these ladies before so this is gonna be an awesome event. Both of these ladies have given me expertise and valuable knowledge about the business in our personal convos whether they realized it or not and I will forever be grateful for that. Liris was one of my instructors for the Plus Academy Virginia classes in 2010 and also my Curvy Girl of the Day back in 2010. During last years Curves Rock Fashion Weekend Liris and I even had a chance to do a photoshoot together while at the weekend of events. That was so much fun. On to Tionna, I had the distinct pleasure of setting up and styling her photoshoot for her bookcover, “Men Love Abuse” in September of 2011. From then on I have witnessed her career blossom even more to the point of now Tionna has her own new TV show for MTV called, “Girl Get Your Mind Right”. That’s right, look for Tionna on your screen everyday Monday through Friday starting next Monday, May 20th. 

Ms. Smalls is BIG on personality and has a no-nonsense approach to how women relate to, communicate with, and attract men. It was her comedic yet candid relationship advice to Chili of the 90’s musical trio, TLC, on VH1’s “What Chili Wants” that propelled Tionna into a MTV reality show of her own. On Monday, May 20, 2013, Tionna Smalls debuts as the star and relationship expert of “Girl, Get Your Mind Right, the same title of her 2007 book. On the show, which will air Monday-Friday at 6:00pm, Ms. Smalls will give young women, who are struggling in love, her witty and wise counsel for successful dating which include mental, emotional and even fashion advice.


Tionna Smalls will bring that same spunk and expressive flare to Curves Rock Fashion Weekend this summer. She will be part of the Celebrity Panel workshop and team up with Baltimore’s own plus-size supermodel/actress, Liris Crosse to host the runway show. 


The duo share a passion for creating positive images and confidence building in women of all shapes and sizes;  Ms. Crosse, as a plus-size industry staple with more than a decade of runway and catalog experience with fashion leaders, Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart and Ms. Smalls with her spirited and uplifting advice. The combination of their expertise and personalities will provide an entertaining, relevant, and authentic experience.

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