Grab Her Style: “Tamar Braxton’s Leather Capri Jumpsuit”



Singer Tamar Braxton has been winning with her fashion game here lately. Just last week I posted on a leather dress look for less on her and now I have another. Tamar was in London this week for a promo tour and was seen wearing this capri black leather jumpsuit. Me being always on the lookout for star style for the curvy ladies I remembered that Ashley Stewart had a similar capri jumpsuit shown during this years Full Figured Fashion Week runway show. Now I did manage to get a pic of it from the runway, but it won’t hit stores or the website until next week. You can also see the jumpsuit in the video below from FFFWeek. Tamar’s jumpsuit is leather on the front and back and the Ashley Stewart version is just the faux-leather on the front. I still say it’s a great comparison  or ‘look for less’ huh?