The Look for Less: “Stella McCartney’s Falabella Tote Bag”

Chain Bag Collage

I don’t know how I let this get pass me but thanks to just reading a blog via another one of my fave blogsites, In Their Closet, I discovered that a bag that I had recently used in one of my fashion segments is actually a dead ringer for the Stella McCartney Classic Falabella Tote Bag ($1,295). The Falabella bag is very similar to the Chain Trim Hobo Bag from Ashley Stewart. Main thing is there is a major price difference. The Ashley Stewart bag only runs you $39.50 compared to over a thousand dollars for the designer bag. Now please understand, when I do these ‘looks for less’ post it’s not to insult the less expensive brand. I simply wanna show readers that if you’re on a budget or simply just don’t want to spend your mortgage on a trend, then these lesser priced selections are a great alternative to obtain the same fashionable, trendy look.


(Below) Celebs carrying the Stella McCartney Bag



(Below) Model, Chanay, wearing the Ashley Stewart version in Mustard