Trend Alert: “Velvet”


In “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” so to speak, I can’t help but notice that reality star, Kim Kardashian, loves her some velvet. I first posted on the Velvet Trend back in the Fall of 2010 and I said it then and I say it now, every time I see the fabric velvet I think of that line from the movie “Coming to America”, where the old man in the barber shop says, “What is that velvet?”. From shoes, to dresses to blazers, velvet is one of those classic materials that never goes away, much like animal prints. 


Velvet Dress from Jessica London/One Stop Plus $59-99-$69.00, Black or Red, Sizes 12-28


Velvet Low-Back Midi Dress from Rainbow, $19.99, Blue, Red or Black, Sizes S-L


STRETCH COTTON VELVET ORION JACKET by Lafayette 148 New York, $498-$568, Sizes 0-24


SYBEL” VELVET SWEETHEART DRESS by Monif C., $188, Black or Wine, Sizes 1X-3X


Velvet Studded Chain Stiletto Boots from Urban OG, $48.90, Black, Grey or Tan


Velvet Shorts from Simply Be, $58.00, Sizes 10-28


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*Pic of Kim K. courtesy of Rainbow/1000 Penn