OOTD: “My Snowy Valentine”/ The Swak Blogger Valentine’s Day Date Look Challenge


I was honored a few weeks ago when plus-size company SWAK ,which stands for (Sealed With A Kiss), contacted me for a Valentine’s Day collaboration. The theme is called the Blogger Valentine’s Day Date Look Challenge. I was to choose an outfit that would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day Date. Although I have featured many reds and pinks in my previous Valentine’s posts, I went a non-traditional route for my choice in the SWAK item. I had worn their Eternity Maxi before and was pleased with the look and feel of that material and fit. So I requested another one for my Valentine’s Day date-night option.


I’m wearing the Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress in Navy and Cream Chic Duo ($89.90). You can wear them a variety of ways. I like these convertible dresses because you can show off a lot of skin and get sexy with it if you prefer or keep it covered and classy for date night. I did a little of both in my pics by wearing it crossed over one-shoulder. I even added a teal wide-belt too to match the teal in the statement necklace. Navy is a such a ‘royal’ color and would be nice and subtle for a first date. 


It was super cold outside as it had freshly snowed the day before that I received this dress. But I was on a deadline for this project so I had to do what I had to do and take pics in the snow. With that being said, I added a navy wool coat as a topper over the dress. So the maxi can be worn regardless of the weather whether you’re sunny on the west coast or facing the polar vortex here on the east coast. Be comfy, sexy and cute on this Valentine’s Day!


I LOVE this song by Paul McCartney, “My Valentine”


I just loved the card and candy Swak sent along with the package 🙂