Health & Wellness: My Open Letter to Dr. Jackie of “Married to Medicine”


Let me just start off by saying that I almost NEVER comment on reality TV shows. Especially through social media. I leave that for kitchen table talk. But last night’s episode of “Married to Medicine” left me kinda mind boggled. You see, one of the characters, Dr. Jackie, a successful OB/GYN in the Atlanta area, had much to say on the topic of obesity. There was a young lady who was crowned “Miss Georgia Plus” that approached Dr. Jackie during an event and Dr. Jackie went in on her about weight and heart disease. Now while I do understand where Dr. Jackie may have been coming from as a healthcare professional standpoint, people need to stop assuming that just because someone has a few extra pounds that they are automatically unhealthy. I believe that not every “body” is not meant to be stick thin. The young lady, “Miss Georgia Plus” clearly expressed that she does maintain a healthy lifestyle and that she does work out. Dr. Jackie you don’t believe big girls work out and eat healthy? Just take a look at this plus-size fitness program that’s taking over right now led up by the wonderful CeCe of The Big Girl Blog.  I even had a chance to participate and it is a VERY plus-positive exercise and health program.

I’ve been thinking about this topic all night, but often it’s the “slender” folks who have the most health issues. Take for example Halle Berry, Toni Braxton and the late Whitney Houston. They all have or had some type of ailment from heart disease, lupus to diabetes or a combination of more than one. Yet, they’re all slender right? Hmmmm. Dr. Jackie herself is a two-time breast cancer survivor and my prayers are to her with that, but she states that she is unable to conceive. Well a lot of ‘big’ women have kids everyday and if they were so unhealthy I wonder how that happened? Let’s take a look at comedian Mo’Nique. Yes, she decided that she needed to lose weight for health reasons but yet she is still maintaining a healthy lifestyle now STILL as a plus-size woman. No I’m not for one moment promoting obesity I’m just simply stating that the comments that Dr. Jackie made are what leads ‘society’ to ridicule larger people and cause some young girls to even have self hate and commit suicide.


Jill Scott recently loss weight too and still looks great as  a plus-size woman:

Jill Scott Collage

That’s why I push so hard to post ‘positive’ self images as a plus-size woman. Once again ‘society’ feels as if only a ‘slender’ woman can look good in her clothing or have high confidence. I say no, no, no to Dr. Jackie and all others who look down on us ‘plush’ folk. It’s not that we want to be unhealthy or have given up on life but for some the struggle is harder than for others. I receive so many emails from ladies who say that I have inspired them to try something new fashion wise or that they were feeling bad about their size and I uplifted their day. That makes all the difference in what I do even more.

On another note maintaining a healthy lifestyle could be difficult due to an economical situation or other issue. Let’s face it, eating healthy cost a lot more than a $1 menu and gym memberships can be expensive. Yes, we buy what we want when we want but in some lower income communities healthy foods just aren’t as available per say as ‘junk food’. (There was a story on CNN I believe about this topic sometime ago). So my post today is not to rant or beef with anyone, just sharing my thoughts on a subject that hits close to home for many.

You can watch a clip from last night’s episode HERE


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