Grab Her Style/OOTD: “Set Sail”

Set Sail Collage


Today would have been a beautiful day to go sail boating. But since I don’t live near water I could only wish for it. So I decided to dress up as if I were going on a nautical affair and went all American in red, white and blue…with some yellow. I’m wearing the Red Long-Sleeve Dress with Gather and Drop Effect from Chic and Curvy Boutique ($44). It’s an asymmetrical piece with slight ruching in the middle. Ruching can be a curvy girls best friend. The dress is very clingy and form fitting so I highly suggest wearing a one-piece shaper underneath to smooth out any ‘bumps’. (Mine had lace on it which can be seen in the pics so take my advice and wear a smooth shaper). You can hike up the sleeves or wear them long as I did both to demonstrate for you. This is a very sexy dress and if you have the curves to fill it out, this is for you. Adding a skinny belt defines the waistline and instead of jewelry, I wore a statement scarf  and  clutch instead.

Set Sail 2 Collage

The scarf was from the Phillip Lim for Target collection last year and only cost $19.99. They are however sold out now at Target but you can find one on Ebay or Amazon. My clutch is another statement piece as it is shaped in the form of a cruise ship. It is the Kate Spade ‘Set Sail Clutch’ that I  recently posted on HERE. It had been on my wishlist forever and finally went on a flash sale for $150 down from $368.  The clutch can also be found on Ebay.  Navy is such a unique and rich color and I only have a couple pair of navy shoes one being the sandals that I’m wearing. They were from a previous collection that Christian Siriano did for Payless. See, you can get a lot of designer looks for less with these store collabos that they’re doing nowadays.

Speaking of a look for less, I just spotted reality star, Khloe Kardashian, in an asymmetrical dress that is similar to mine and guess what, it’s in the gorgeous color of navy. The dress that I’m wearing from Chic and Curvy Boutique comes in other colors too as shown below. Hmmm, maybe I can borrow her dress to match my clutch and sandals. Wishful thinking huh?

Khloe Ashanti Dress Collage

UPDATE: 4/14/14 Singer Ashanti was spotted over the weekend in a shorter version of the dress. Hers was $165.