My Style Obsession: “Kate Spade”

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So I have a style confession that probably only my Mother knows about, I am obsessed with Kate Spade accessories. Every time we go to the outlet mall, that’s the main store that I go into. I love Kate’s use of vibrant colors and unique designs on her bags and shoes. It is very reminiscent of the way the Betsey Johnson line used to be when her brand was up and popping. But honestly, I still wear my Betsey Johnson items too. Plus with Kate Spade, you’re guaranteed not to see everyone with the same thing on as you when you go out. (Now mind you that while I also love my Michael Kors, EVERY fashionista is rocking his bags nowadays everywhere that you go). So I feel confident that when I wear my Kate Spade items, I stand out from the rest. Now as I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I go to the outlets for most of my Kate Spade products because it can get pricey at retail costs. However, I heard through the grapevine that a Kate Spade store is coming to my local area so I know that I will be in trouble now, sigh.

But I’ve come across great deals on my Kate Spade products. I recently grabbed the Beau Bag for only $205 when it was originally $498. And then last summer I bought the Kate Spade Alexander Avenue Bag that had an original price tag of $455 and I only paid $150. But with the latest collection from the line, I couldn’t resist myself on the splurge of their statement flats. I mean I had to jump on it or my size would have sold out quickly. Plus, if you’re into the Kate Spade brand like I am then sign up for their emails and you will get exclusive access to the sales when they happen. I even lucked up on a unique clutch that I had on my wishlist for over a year for only $150 down from $368 during one of the Kate Spade one-day surprise sales. I will post more on that soon. So in the meantime, take a glance at some of my other faves from the 2013 and 2014 lines and I guarantee you’ll be a fan too if not already!


My Kate Spade Bags Collage




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