The Fall 2014 Penny Chic Collection for Wal-Mart


Fellow blogger Shauna Miller of Penny Chic is releasing another line of reasonable dresses through the Wal-Mart website. Just as her last collection, which I posted on here, all items will be only $20. Yes, you read correct. Shauna is offering an entire line of stylish dresses for only $20. But this collection will be more than just about the LBD. Shauna says “My team and I worked very hard to put together an exceptional line up of versatile dresses for $20. Your emails, reviews, and comments the past year and a half didn’t go unnoticed! We listened to each of you about your favorite styles and what makes you feel BEAUTIFUL! The 5 chic silhouettes you see above are what we believe to be the PERFECT styles for every woman’s body type! This time it’s not just about the perfect LBD…it’s about THE PERFECT DRESSES for every woman and YOU DECIDE whether that means black, navy, a bold color, a statement print, colorblocked paneling or all of the above.”

The line debuts this Thursday, October 2nd and is available in sizes XS-XXL.