Brand Spotlight: “Dekkori”

You know how you get those “friend suggestions” or ads on the right side of your facebook page? Well it’s not all bad. This company, Dekkori, popped up on my screen today and once I did  a little research on the product, I was sold. This site has these sleeves or covers that you can wear over your pumps to make them look like boots or just add a little spice to an ordinary pair of boring shoes.  I know I’m sold and will be trying out a pair ASAP:

Prices are from around $70-$200

Company Overview:  The creator of the ultimate accessory to change your appearance at a moment’s notice, d e k k o r i footwear styling pieces offers infinite styling options by enhancing, transforming or simply styling any existing pair of shoes.
Mission: Allowing every woman to take her love affair with shoes to the next level by offering wearers with limitless footwear styling options.
Products:  Each d e k k o r i is available in three sizes or offers adjustment features for the perfect fit.

Here are some fans displaying how they rocked theirs:

Even Fergie has been spotted in Dekkori:

Right now you can get the summer promo price of 30% off with this ad: