The Look For Less: “Wild Rose vs. Jessica Simpson”

Wowwwwww, is all I can say right now. I have done a lot of “look for less” post but this one has got to take the cake in my book. A while back I blogged on the Jessica Simpson “Beckery” shoes with the cutouts in them. (Read that post here). Anyway, they retail for around $100. Well low and behold I was just in Shoe City and they have a very similar pair by the company called “Wild Rose” for only $29.99. Hmmmm, you know I’m a ‘lil salty right now. I love fashion but if I can get it at a fraction of the price I will. Guess I shoulda waited a month or so longer and could have gotten 3 pair for the price of the one Jessica Simpson shoe. Checkout the similarity for yourself:

(Above) Jessica Simpson “Beckery” $98 at Macy’s

(Below) Wild Rose “Mica” $27.80 at, Shoe City &