OOTD: “Horsing Around”



This afternoon after church I took pics at my family’s home in the country. Luckily today the horses were actually out. Last time I was there and wanted to take pics no horses or anything were out and about. Today I had ducks running around me and the horses were extra friendly. (I still wasn’t crossing that gate though in my church clothes lol). They even wanted to be in my lil mini photoshoot. Even looks as if they’re posing in some of the pictures. (That’s funny, check it out). Anyway I’m wearing the Monique Dress from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel, ($170, Sizes 12-32). It is a two-tone gold and metallic faux-wrap dress with full lining. This was another one of my outfits that I had originally planned for New York Fashion Week but am just now getting around to wearing it. To keep in sync with the gold accents on the dress, I added a statement necklace/earring set and swapped out the belt that comes with the Ambrosia Dress (also by IGIGI) and paired it with this Monique Dress. The fit of this dress is overall superb but since I’m large-busted, after looking back over my pics, I should have worn a cami underneath so that’s a little style pointer if you’re full-busted too.

I knew that I would need a neutral shoe to even out the hues in the dress (and the beige trench that I also wore, not shown) so I broke out these signature Gucci pumps that I had purchased way back in 2006. That’s the good thing about shopping for designer items from time to time. If you do it right and buy a classic item you’ll get your moneys worth in the long run. I purchased the pumps from Saks Fifth Avenue and they were originally $495 but I got them on sale first at $240 then they went down to $180 and I was able to get a price adjustment. Hey, if a store does price adjustments within a certain time frame take advantage of it. Even though it was seven years ago this particular style pump is still on trend. Nothing like timeless style on a budget.

Horsy Collage

Gold Cuff Bracelet, Clutch ($12) and Necklace/Earring Set ($5) all from Earrings Plaza in NYC

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