OOTD: “Bumble Bee Returns”

Stripes and More Collage


I’m going ahead and getting my feet wet in this mixing prints trend today. But I’m taking baby steps. So instead of being too drastic I’m mixing up stripes with color-blocking. I wore this dress before here but didn’t quite hook it up the way that I wanted to that day so I promised a retake and here it is. I was on the Rainbow website the other day and saw a few items that I really liked. But as with most inexpensive stores, you must go in store to see the item and quality thereof  first hand. To my pleasant surprise this black and white striped peplum top,( $17.99, Sizes 1X-3X) was made very well. It is true to size and not snug at all.

I wore the top over this yellow, black & white bodycon dress from Chic and Curvy Boutique. Now I just saw that this color is now unavailable on the website but there is a blue, white & black dress, $39 just like it available. I personally prefer pencil skirts with my peplum tops but being as though I only have a few and none yellow, that’s what gave me the idea of pairing up this combo with the dress underneath as a skirt. With all black and white as the new it trend now, I brought back out my spectator shoes that I got from Payless Shoes ($25) some 5 years ago. I went digging in my belt stash for a skinny yellow belt but this was the closest I could come up with but it works just to break up some of the monochromatic tone of the top. What prints should I mix and match next? We’ll see 🙂

Spectator Collage