Grab Her Style/OOTD: “Chip On My Shoulder” (Beyonce’s Interview w/ Oprah Outfit)


I’m sure by now everyone in the world has seen Beyonce’s interview with Oprah this past Saturday on OWN. I really enjoyed the Q & A session (although I wish there would’ve been more in depth questions) but I more so was drawn to the casualness yet chicness of B’s outfit choice. She wore just a basic print tee with liquid leggings and a blazer. I figured that this would be a great look to re-create. Now I must point out that when I do these post of ‘Looks for Less’ or ‘Grab Her Style’ it’s not that I’m trying to be like these artist, it’s more so to show my that YES, plus-size ladies can wear some of the same items as celebs or our slender counterparts AND look just as great while doing so. Plus why spend a million bucks if you don’t have to. I’m all about trends which is why I renamed my blog ‘Trendy Curves’ last year. So with all of that said here’s my version of Beyonce’s look.

I had coincidentally  just purchased this tie-front spiked shoulder top from Rainbow on Friday while wasting time before going to the movies. It was only $16.99 and it also comes in black and red. When I saw Beyonce’s interview the very next day I was like I can use this shirt as MY re-creation of her look. It’s not available online just yet but Rainbow does have a similar version on their site here. (Obviously the spikes on the shoulder of the shirt influenced the ‘Chip on my Shoulder’ title of this post, hehe).  I wore these High Waist Faux Leather Leggings from Posh Shoppe, $26.99 and a pointy-shoulder blazer that Simply Be gifted me a few years ago. To coordinate with the spiked shoulders on the shirt I wore these spiked embellished pumps that I got from Bare Feet Shoes, $54.99. (I wore them before here). If you notice I didn’t wear any earrings while having the shirt on as to not distract the attention from the top of the shirt. But when I paired up the blazer to the outfit I added a gold necklace since the shoulders of the shirt wouldn’t be seen. Even with liquid (faux-leather) leggings you can dress your outfit up or down as to where it’ll be suitable for a date, hanging with the girls or yes, even an interview with Oprah!

Chip Shoulder Collage