Audition Tips for the Plus Night Out and Ashley Stewart Model Search


I got an early morning call from a model hopeful today and a flood of emails this week on the upcoming Plus Night Out Model Search and what to do at the casting. I was a judge on the panel last year and am pleased to announce that I am once again. So with that being said, I wanna help out potential models as much as I can beforehand so that there won’t be any surprises. I know how it is, I’ve been on both sides of the table. I have modeling tips listed on my other website and have also blogged on this exact topic before here and here. But just to refresh you alls memory, and make sure that you’re audition ready, here are the most important factors for going to a model casting call or audition:


-First, BE ON TIME- If the casting starts at 3pm, be there by 2:45pm. It’s nothing worse than strolling in late. That doesn’t look professional and scouts see that as something that you may do on a paid gig. Not cool.

– Pay close attention to any recommendations that the modeling agency may give as to the proper audition apparel. If it is not specified, you can never go wrong by wearing a nice black dress or skinny jeans to show off your figure. Along with a top that fits you well but is not too tight, along with medium-height heels. It is important that you are comfortable walking in the shoes that you wear to the interview. Modeling scouts will often want to see how you walk.

-If you’re a curvy lady, make sure that you have on the proper bra to support your breast and if you know that you have the “muffin top syndrome” please wear a spanx, body magic or whatever to control your tummy area. Please for petes sake don’t wear a “baby tee” on top of all that. You’re guaranteed to get a giant X on your application.

– Have a clean face and clean skin (meaning minimal makeup). Most modeling scouts are looking for a natural look. They are more interested in the bone structure of your face and the natural beauty of your features than in seeing someone who is skilled in applying a lot of makeup. Ladies, make sure the hair under your arms, face, legs and brows is waxed or whatever. Afterall you are trying to be feminine and lady like.

– Hair should be pulled back off of face in a ponytail or nice wrap style, etc.


– Bring recent pics of yourself or your portfolio. Ten to 12 good photos will probably be sufficient. Most modeling agencies are looking for versatility, so choose a variety of poses for your portfolio, which will accentuate your versatility as a model.


– Have a modeling resume to leave with the casting director and business cards. Having current business cards with all of your current info (such as name, email, phone number, facebook and twitter pages, website, etc.). Or better yet, make your self stand out even more by having personalized  ink pens, notepads or magnets made up with your info on them to pass out to others. People won’t forget you as quickly if they’re writing with your product.


– Bring heels to audition in. Even if you wear sneakers there, before you enter that casting room, slip into your heels. Most times you will be asked to show your model walk.


– Research the company that you’re auditioning for and know a little history on that firm. Same as you would a job interview, do your homework before arriving. That way you will know a little more of what maybe the client wants.

-EXUDE CONFIDENCE- No matter how nervous you may be, show confidence in everything that you do. When you approach the panel give direct eye contact, smile and most of all be polite. One of the models I chose for my show whooed me just from her mannerism. That speaks volumes as to how professional you would be with a client on a shoot or etc.

Good luck ladies and give it your all. You never know who may be watching, wink, wink!!!

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