Styled By Bella: “Naja of L.A. Hair for Plus Night Out”


After just having buried my Grandmother today I was glad to come home to some good news. The dress that I chose for celeb nail guru, Naja Rickette, was actually worn on the red carpet tonight by her for Plus Night Out in New York. You see when I interviewed her last week I mentioned to Naja about this plus-size event that I planned on attending and she was excited to go to. So I contacted Jovanna, CEO of Plus Night Out, and added Naja as my special guest. Naja then requested that I style her for the event and I was thrilled. I quickly got on the phone with my designer friends and got some items lined up. (Yes, I can dress clients virtually too). Being as though I had never personally met Naja yet I knew that I had to be very cautious of her petite 4’11 frame and not get items that were too long or either too boxy. One designer that I called upon was IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel. Naja is wearing the new Nora Dress in Black & Gold which retails for $165. After seeing the pics I am pleased with the outcome and Naja added the perfect accessories to compliment the dress nicely. And I just read that Naja doesn’t usually wear her arms out so I’m glad that  she stepped out of her comfort zone for my styling vision. It seemed to all fall into place as I JUST received the dress by Fed-Ex yesterday and I asked my hair stylist, Shakeita, to pick it up from me before she left for NYC last night and deliver it to Naja tonight since Shakeita was on the Glam Team for the event. Even though circumstances arose and I had to cancel my trip, for the funeral, I wanna  send thanks to Jovanna, Igigi, LaTonya, and Shakeita who all assisted me with this project and a very special thanks again to Naja for the opportunity to work with you…..even if it was from afar, lol 🙂


Naja’s jewelry provided by Rasheeda Golden of A GOLDEN DIVINE TOUCH